Jim Hownaniec

Most debts are “dischargeable” - wiped out completely - under the current bankruptcy laws. Typical bills that can be eliminated include credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, repossessions, and numerous others. Moreover, you are usually allowed to keep your home, car, personal belongings, retirement benefits, and most other personal assets.

In most cases, bankruptcy is a straightforward, non-threatening process. You are not required to appear in court. Harassment from your creditors - including phone calls, notices, and lawsuits - will be stopped immediately. Our flat fee of $1,200.00 (which includes the $209 filing fee that must be filed with the Bankruptcy Court) is among the most reasonable in the area. We generally require you to bring in your bills and the one-time fee, and we deal with your creditors from there. Please contact us at 777-3900 if you have any further questions about filing for bankruptcy.